How does it work?

The treatments are a way of connecting more deeply to our embodied selves.  As biodynamic craniosacral therapy practitioners we are working in a way that respects and attunes to the innate intelligence of the wider field and it’s wonderful centering through each individual person and developing our ability to consciously centre and to sense subtle body sensations.  By perceiving from this place we can mirror the subtle sensations that we tune into in the other with our listening touch.


This quality of light touch that demands nothing and neither pushes or pulls but responds to natural expressions of body dynamics allows all levels of body structure to feel it’s part in the dance of the whole body – centred through the natural resource and support of the midline – and where restrictions have been laid down into specific body structures they can begin to release through this increased feeling and flow of communication to the wholeness of the bodymind.


Working with the innate wholeness and health of each person in this way can bring about more general well-being, can bring relief to people in pain and provide a relaxing, resourcing space for people with busy lives.  Some people may find that it helps to bring a sense of clarity about their lives and their path or own creativity.